Schanti Partners

Private investors

Schanti Partners was founded as a private investment vehicle to manage family assets. The firm was started in 2010, for a 10-year investment term, as a simple investment vehicle with the primary goal of capital preservation. Several successful years later, the firm makes diversified investments in multiple asset classes.

U.S. leveraged finance

We are investors in all leveraged finance instruments, including junk bonds, leveraged loans, 2nd lien corporate debt and CLO instruments

U.S. private equity

We are investors in private equity in the lower middle market. We look for value, and do not have a preference in any particular sector

2010 - 2020

A 10-year journey of courage and excellence in investing

Schanti Partners was created in 2010, with a 10-year targeted investment period. As of 2020, the firm is winding down, consistent with its 10-year mandate.

Professional investors

Schanti Partners is a professional investment firm, with experienced investment professionals, trained analysis and equipped with sophisticated tools.

100% of our investment team is experienced at Wall St.

Quantitative analysis

All of our investment decisions are based on extensive financial and numerical analysis. The company deploys the risk assessment model, analytics and detailed algorithms to reach investment decisions.

Research driven firm

Schanti Partners focuses on in-depth fundamental research as part of its investment thesis. Uncompromising pursuit of knowledge is our primary objective, and this helps us make informed investment decisions. All investment decisions are research driven.

No debt

Schanti Partners does not need to and does not utilize leverage to boost its returns. All investments are 100% equity funded. Lack of debt allows us to avoid pitfalls seen in down cycles, and our portfolio remains viable, regardless of economic expansion or recession.

Complex deals

Schanti Partners is not afraid to explore new paths and go places where no investors have gone before. If the investment thesis supports it, we are not shy of going against the trends. We see things through a different lens.

Self funded

Schanti Partners does not manage, or accept, third party money. We make proprietary investments, using our own accounts. As such, Schanti operates on its own terms, and is not driven by pressure from any party.


Schanti Partners promotes and participates in patriotic investing, with support for U.S. facilities, domestic production and local resources.

2012: our first $100 million+ investment

Schanti's first major investment was in a solar power project in India. A successful exit in this first investment started a journey of courage and excellence, which remains unparalleled. Schanti exited this investment within 18 months with outsized returns. Read about our first project here.

We invest in value, not sectors

Schanti Partners is interested in investing in all sectors and all areas, and believes in investing in value, not in any specific sectors. Below are some concentrated areas

Medical services

Medical services includes practice management, billing and software technology services to independent physician offices

Fuel distribution

Our fuel distribution business focuses on whole supply of gasoline and diesel to retail gas stations throughout the U.S.


Software and technology is a priority area. Most of the portfolio investments are in this sector

Oil and gas

Schanti Partners invests in domestic onshore oil and gas, with a focus on exploration and production. Oilfield services are not preferred

Below are some of our representative investment and sectors of interest


Schanti Partners is a private firm and values its privacy.

We do not issue press releases of any kind.

We do not offer interviews.

We do not seek publicity.